Personal Stories in The Depressed Child


"Take Charge of the Care of Your Child"

Submitted By Our Readers

A Child of Alcoholics:  Don't Carry the Burden Alone

Daniel:  Teach Yourself, Then Trust Your Instincts -- Not Doing So Can Be Fatal

Never Again:  A Mother Sees a Replay of Her Daughter's Problems in Her Granddaughter

Nikki:  She felt so depressed she cut herself; now she is on the mend

Candace:  Life was miserable in her eyes, so she started cutting herself

Ingrid:  Some Difficult Years -- Then Success

Colleen:  Bright, Creative -- Depressed.  A Mother Wonders What To Do

My Son, Age 7:  Genetics Can Be Selective in Predisposition to Depression

Jamie:  She Became Strong and Independent, But That Hasn't Been Enough

Julie:  A Mean Mom Is Blamed for Adult Depression

Lucy:  Bullies and other bad experiences at school can cause or aggravate depression:     A  New Zealand story

Happy for Now:  Clueless Parents+Childhood Depression=Untreated Depression and Substance Abuse

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